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This page contains answers to common questions, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful.
bulletHow do I block offensive internet material ... ?
bulletWhere can I find software, including antivirus, etc... ?


How do I block offensive internet material... ?

You could purchase software to track and prevent access to offensive on-line content.  However, I found that a combination of free services tends to do the trick.  The basic version of Open DNS allows you to block offensive sites by changing your default Domain Naming Service.  Enabling 'Content Advisor' in Internet Explorer adds another level of protection.  IE8 also contains parental controls, useful for non-Administrative accounts (the kids aren't using administrative rights, are they?)  Finally, restrict the search engines to one and set its parental controls.  Google provides parental search parameters, other providers may also.

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Where can I find software ... ?

Download.com is an excellent source for downloadable software.  Editors provide reliable ratings for all kinds of software.   Microsoft recently came out with good, free security software called Microsoft Essential Security.

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